The Privacy and Cookies Policy is a legal document, which regulates the behavior of the Client and the Company regarding the use of and services provided by it. By using and agreeing to this Privacy and Cookies Policy, the Client consents to the Company’s use of cookies in accordance with all terms of this policy. This agreement legally bounds both the Company and the Client, providing a specific set of mutual obligations and rights listed in this Privacy and Cookies Policy, which are obligatory for both participants of the agreement. Various significant matters of privacy and notices on the cookies use that the Client may encounter while using are listed below. According to this Privacy and Cookies Policy, the Client is a person who views in the browser on a device; Therefore, the Client has to read this Privacy and Cookies Policy attentively before proceeding. If the Client in any way disagrees with the Privacy and Cookies Policy or any part of the Privacy and Cookies Policy, the Client must refrain from using

Using and disclosing personal information

The Company collects the Client’s personal information for the purpose of improving the Client’s user experience, as well as the quality of services provided by the Company through The Client gives consent that all provided information is correct, non-misleading, reasonably updated, complete and sufficient as far as the aim is concerned. All personal information, which is collected under this Privacy and Cookies Policy, is considered as received in a legal way. According to this Privacy and Cookies Policy, the Company has no legal rights to obtain the Client’s personal data without preliminary straightforward agreement.

All information collected by the Company is divided into two types: Personally Identifiable Information, which identifies the Client as a person, and Non-Personally Identifiable Information, which is related to the technical specifications of the Client’s device, operating system, etc.

On no account, the Company will not, without the Client’s express consent, supply obtained personal information to any third party for marketing purposes. However, the Company keeps the right to disclose all collected data to any member of the group of companies (the subsidiaries, ultimate holding company, parent company, etc.) and any suppliers, professional advisers, subcontractors or agents to such an extent as reasonably necessary according to the purposes set out in this Privacy and Cookies Policy.

Security of personal information

  • The Company guarantees that all reasonable technical, as well as organizational precautions to preclude the irreparable damage, loss or modification of the Client's personal information, will be performed in an appropriate way.
  • The Company will store all the personal information provided by the Client on its secure (firewall- and password-protected) servers.
  • All electronic financial transactions entered into through will be protected by reliable encryption technology (Secure Sockets Layer software, etc.).
  • The Client is responsible for keeping the password used for accessing confidential. The Company will not ask the Client’s password (except when the Client logs in to