Targets and purposes of this Revision Policy

Undoubtedly, abidingly supplies its clients exceptionally with the most qualitative and informative papers, striving to satisfy all the client’s demands. We always try to achieve the maximal cooperation with all our clients in order to eschew all possible misunderstandings and perfect all our writing and editing services. In truth, our considerable experience along with a great set of different Quality Control services allow us to avoid a lion’s share of these unpleasant misconceptions and guarantee us a leading position in the sphere of writing and editing. However, due to some peculiarities of human nature, we have to consider a possibility that some of our works may need revisions. Of course, when performing various types of essays, research papers, theses and even works at the highest academic level, such as dissertations and scientific articles, some unprecedented occurrences both from the customer and the company may interfere with the writing process. Therefore, in order to prove our loyalty to our clients we provide three complementary revisions guided by the conditions listed below. We expect you to examine these instructions attentively with an eye to obtaining all requested assistances.

Submission and deadline

You can submit your revision through You should ask about the revision of your essays, research papers, reviews, articles, dissertations and/or thesis within a period of seven days after we have delivered you the completed order. In addition, it is also highly recommended to examine the received papers before approving them in order to avoid possible delays with your revision request. Please notice that if you will not approve the revised paper in 14 days since it was delivered, it is automatically tagged as approved by the system. Therefore, if you wish to request any revisions or inform our experts about changes in the initial order, you should perform all the necessary actions before the expiry.

Obviously, we expect you to ask for revisions of your essays, research papers, reviews, articles, dissertations and/or theses taking into account that different orders for these materials may require completely different writing approaches and research that result in considerable differences in the time necessary to perform all revisions. Therefore, revisions of the more complicated materials may require more time.

Free revisions and extra cost services

In order to satisfy both of the participants of the initial agreement, does not demand additional cost for reasonably necessary revisions. However, the client can ask for about a maximum of three free revisions, if all the conditions listed in the Terms and Conditions, as well as in the Revision Policy, are met. If all three free revisions have been already used up, the client can place a new order, which must contain clear instructions about all the changes that must be performed in the paper. In addition, if the client has made alterations of the instructions that have been initially provided for essays, research papers, reviews, articles, dissertations and/or thesis, these three free revisions will not be performed. In a case of any alteration of the initial agreement, the client has to pay a supplementary cost, which will be determined by the support team of