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The system of mutual warranties, which regulates the legal relationships between the Customer and the Company, provides reliable guarantees for both of the participants of the agreement. The Company provides guarantees that all the services fully comply with all the requirements applicable. As a matter of fact, the Customer agrees not to use all services provided by the Company as well as text materials in any illegal, fraudulent, unlawful or harmful way, as well as for any illegal, fraudulent, unlawful or harmful purposes. Therefore, Customer’s acceptance of these Terms and Conditions means that the Customer agrees with all warranties listed below.

  • The Customer has read, understood and agreed with all statements included in these Terms and Conditions.
  • The Customer agrees to use all services of in a proper way.
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On the other hand, the Company grants the Customer the right to use text materials as specified in these Terms and Conditions. As well, it guarantees that all the instructions and specific requirements to the text material provided by the Customer will be taken into account and all reasonably necessary researches to prepare the ordered text material will be performed.

Acceptable use

On no account, the Customer must not:

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  3. Use to store, copy, use, transmit or distribute in any other way any material that includes (or is connected to) any malicious computer software, such as computer viruses, spyware programs, keystroke loggers, etc.

In addition, the Customer has to ensure that all the information supplied to the Company through is true, current and in no way misleading.

The Company reserves the right to restrict access to some specific areas of, or indeed the whole, at its discretion. The Customers must not circumvent or outflank, or attempt to circumvent or outflank, any access restriction measures, which are established by the Company.